My Role

There is something about travelling under your own steam and living by your own senses and dealing with stuff you didn’t expect that is deeply satisfying and at times immensely humbling when you must rely on the generosity of others. 

So that's what I do.  I travel. Sometimes for weeks, sometimes for months, sometimes just a quick few days. Often I go overland from my home in the UK on my own bike. Frequently I will fly somewhere and buy or rent a bike.  Sometimes I go alone, often I’m with a bunch of people I know,  sometimes I invite others to join me and, sometimes  I get paid to organise and  guide a tour for adventurous people who don’t have the time to arrange the details themselves and simply must be back at work on a fixed day. 

My Purpose

The site is to enable you to share in those experiences, and to  inspire you to undertake your own journey’s.  Whilst there is no shortcut to experience I hope that I can make things a little easier for you and that you can  learn and be entertained by my exploits  and mistakes.  If you are one of those who would like adventure travel off the beaten track but don’t like large groups, and simply don’t have time to plan, but must be back on a specific day you can contact me to see if I can help.  


adventure motorcycle tutor & guide

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